Coaching Model

CARES Coaching ModelOur coaching works on both conscious and subconscious minds.

On the conscious level, we help you to get what you want by:

  • Clarity – Getting absolute clarity of what you really want.  If you are not sure what it is that you want, it is a perfect place to start.  If you already have some ideas, we will help you to make your desire crystal clear.
  • Actions – Taking actions is necessary to get what you want.  The difference between success and failure, is taking the right action at the right time.  Together, we will create an empowering action plan that you can’t wait to get started!
  • Results – Getting what you want, getting results is what we thrive for.  Our coaching allow you to “see” the results in advance.  So, you will be happily committed to get the results.

On the subconscious level, we help you to get what you want by:

  • Ecology – Ecology is the environment which we belong to, such as our family, our workplace, our body and etc.  Checking ecology means that we are ensuring the changes we make, will only affect us and people around positively.
  • Strategies – We have strategies for everything.  We have strategies for achieving our goals.  We have strategies for not achieving our goals.  We don’t necessary know about the strategies consciously.  Finding out what strategies we are running, and then modifying them accordingly, will guarantee our success.

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